CANTON Reference 5 K


280w-440w, 8 ohms/4 ohms, 20Hz-40Khz (+/-3dB), 88.5dB



The Reference K Series marks the beginning of a new age of sound. Characterised by the classic virtues of the Reference family, a constant drive for innovation and a focus on the fundamental elements of sound, it strives for ever greater perfection. A perfection that is achieved in an impressively practical way.

The drivers of the Reference K Series have been comprehensively redesigned. To maximise their rigidity while maintaining optimum internal damping, the woofer and midrange cone drivers are now also fitted with a ceramic-tungsten membrane. Not only does this enhance their outward appearance, but it also ensures a precisely controlled swing-in and swing-out behaviour across the whole transmission range. The natural resonance is therefore always outside the transmission range.

Ceramic is a unique material in the world of sound. That’s why the Reference tweeters have evolved still further to include a one-piece ceramic dome for the K Series. The one-piece wave guide, which first appeared in the Reference Jubilée, now supports the dispersion characteristics of the K system.

The triple-curved cone membrane of the midrange speaker with its ceramic-tungsten structure represents an optimum design standard. Together with the new, tripled-folded wave surround, it gives extreme rigidity and excellent balance in terms of the swing-in and swing-out behaviour through to the highest frequencies. Another new feature in the shape of the high quality front rings made from die-cast aluminium increases the mechanical stability of the driver system.

The woofers now also come with a ceramic-tungsten membrane. This gives optimal control of the surround behaviour, allowing perfect bass tones at all volumes.

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